Anthony Rouchier



Anthony Rouchier, aka A.P.P.A.R.T, is a French composer and musician who combines tango, electro, rock and classical music.

He opened up to music, starting with the guitar and studying electro-acoustics at the National Conservatory of Nice and at the CIRM (International Center for Music Research), then in Musicology at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis .

His first album Nu Tango, released in 2003, was born from an order for a group of 8 dancers from the Opéra National de Paris; he got a taste for it, embarked on the electronic adventure, and music for dance took an important part of his work.

A.P.P.A.R.T play live his music in France, in Europe and up to Japan; as musician, this stage logic was essential for him as much as composition.

Anthony Rouchier has released 8 albums, more than 50 creations for dance whether contemporary, classical or neo-classical. He also composes for the theater and creates several soundtracks for images, documentaries and video clips, as well as numerous artistic collaborations with independent and major labels.

Today, Anthony Rouchier’s music seeks to find its rightful place in film music, part of the rhythmic and percussive work of composers like Jerry Goldsmith or an ambient and electro-acoustic universe like Cliff Martinez, who are two important and unconscious references of his work, where the feelings and the dramatic frame are at the base of his musical creations.

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